Wedding Planning Tip 1: Timing

Planning a wedding doesn't have to be stressful, but it seems that more often than not it is.  If couples are on a tight budget then stress becomes even more of a problem.  When these couples start shopping for a photographer they soon discover that most professional photographers charge by the hour.  So to keep in line with their budget couples try to cram too much in too little time.

Photography, like any other art, shouldn't be rushed.  Rarely do great images come about with just a snap and you can't really enjoy your wedding day if your checking the time every 5 minutes.  Even if you're just looking for a documentary style of photography, wonderful candids just can't be captured if you're rushing about because you haven't left any time for the moments to occur.

We have met with couples in our studio who were convinced that 20 minutes with the groom and 35 minutes with the bride was more than enough time for us to capture the essence of their day.  When we begin to offer our professional advice about how much time we really think is needed, we encounter resistance for the simple reason that the couple is trying to squeeze a 10 hour day into a 6 hour coverage. Ultimately, we want to please our customers as much as possible, but not all requests can be met.

If you'd like to plan a perfect wedding day for yourselves, take a little advice from our experienced staff and consider the following tips:

  1. Purchase the longest coverage your budget will allow.
  2. Make time for good photo coverage of the locations of your day that mean the most to you.
  3. Don't compromise quality for quantity.
  4. Remember, the park photo session is your best opportunity to have great photographs taken of the two of you, don't cut this location short.
  5. If you know that the reception will be full of cameras, then consider spending your budget to cover other parts of your day.
  6. Don't forget that travel time can be a real issue, be realistic and realize that photographers need to park their cars where they won't be towed.

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