Most wedding couples will use the internet extensively to gather ideas and tips that will help them visualize and plan their wedding. When it comes to photography couples will view many web sites, flagging sites they like because they have connected with the images on screen. Fabulous candid moments taken at just the right time really convey the sentiment between two people and most engaged couples would agree thats what they are looking for from their photographer.  The next image they fall in love with may be a magical sunset, a photograph taken of a bride and her groom just as the sun hits the horizon and the warmth of sun spreads across the image.  These types of photographs are pretty much on every bride's list and as photographers these are definitely the memories we'd like to capture for every couple we meet.

Unfortunately, not every couple gives enough consideration to what their photographer may need in order for these magical images to come to life. Far too often couples plan their day around their ceremony, reception venue, and their guests.  After the timetable has been set they hand their photographer the schedule and say " here you go, work your magic ".  You glance at their schedule, then you glance at their list of favourite photographs and then you realize that there are not giving the time or suitable locations to produce the images they like.  Sunsets don't happen at 1:00 pm which is your park time and candid moments are difficult to capture if your only covering the bride's for 30 minutes and everyone there is frantically trying to get ready.

There is a simple solution to all this, sit down with your photographer and give their professional needs some consideration.  Before you etch your wedding day schedule in stone, think about how important your photographs will be to you in the years to come and if you really desire some magical images, than work with your photographer to make this happen.  Here are a few tips to help you and your wedding photographer work together:

  1. Allow enough time at each location for the atmosphere to be light.  Memorable candids rarely occur when friends and families rush about nervously trying to get ready.
  2. Be realistic about yourself and your group.  Not all families share tender moments publicly and if you are the reserved type than be realistic and don't expect candid photos to share intimate moments that never happened.
  3. With your photographer's assistance, choose photo sites that will give you the "look" you desire.  Don't expect miracles if you stand in front of your reception venue's brick wall.
  4. Arrange your schedule to make the most of daylight.  During the winter months it may mean that you should consider having your photo session earlier in the day while there is decent natural light.
  5. Remember its your day, try not to plan around everyone else.  If you do than you're sure not to have given your photographer a chance to concentrate on the two you.
  6. Be honest. If you haven't worked with your photographer to make sure that your schedule will accommodate the style of images you like, than don't expect miracles.

Please keep these tips in mind when planning your wedding day.  Good communication with your photographer is essential if you desire stunning photographs and lifelong memories.

Check back to see our next article and how we can help you plan a better wedding. Until then, have a read here for more advice on wedding photography and how to get the most from your photographer.

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