It's not anyone specific, so don't start worrying and/or...

It's not anyone specific, so don't start worrying and/or asking.

Have any of you ever noticed that it's only rarely if at all that we have the same impact on the lives of those that affect us most?

It seems to me that the people that matter to us are frequently focused on other things. And i wonder why that is is it a causal relationship, do they affect us because they are focused elsewhere? Do we by default pursue those whose interests lie in spheres that only tangentially intersect our own? And why?

Despite my disclaimer above, this is more than a little bit significant to me. I've never had the knack of making lots of friends, but the few i do make are very good friends, and thus very valuable to me, so it behooves me to figure out how best to treat with them, and how to get the most value out of the friendship for both them and I.

Hope you found this helpful. I will point out that the idea had been requested by Constantin with VediaTranslations. of course always value suggestions and comments.

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