A Wedding Photography Checklist

Having a wedding photography checklist might sound like a silly idea, but in reality it helps make your photos options easier to determine.

You might think of different ideas and possible photo locations you'll want to discuss with your chosen photographer. However, with everything else you've got to think about, some of these ideas might be forgotten. This is why you need to make a list of things you'd like to have at your wedding.

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Choosing the right photographer:

When choosing your wedding photographer, be sure to take your checklist with you. Talk to them about various lighting ideas and options, and discuss ideas for both color, and black and white photography. Also, talk to your photographer about photography options for indoor and outdoor pictures. The right photographer will be able to take your ideas and make them even better.

Another idea you might want to have on your checklist is when you'll be having your pictures taken. Though most wedding photos are taken after the big event, some opt to have theirs taken before the nuptials. If you choose your wedding photographer well before hand, you might also want to have some engagement photos taken to show off to the world.

From the moment they pop the question to the moment you say "I do", you'll think of a thousand things you'll want to see in your wedding pictures. Don't take the risk of forgetting some of the more elaborate and whimsical ideas you come up with. By creating a wedding photography checklist, you can make sure that all your wedding photo ideas can come true.

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