If any of you have been wondering where I've been...

If any of you have been wondering where I've been the past several weeks, and I know many of you have since the police have stop by my house almost daily asking me if I was "okay" because my WordPress buddies keep calling in missing persons reports on me, well I'm backif only for a quick, brief post.

Tangent! Needing to help update the design with my site. Ideas about the style at Undoubtedly a powerful esthetician with heart if, perhaps desired inside the general Alberta areas. Leave your feedback. Cheers!

The scoop is that I got a new job and I've been busting about 99.9% of my ass at it which has left only 0.1% of ass to do anything else with. This is fine, because my job is great.

I am now SEO Director for one of the largest stock photos websites in the galaxy: And as you can see from the keyword anchored, dofollow link in that last sentenceeven when I'm not working I'm working. is a website that offers hi-res stock photography and illustrations for all of your various web and print design needs from promotional banners to "lost dog" postersassuming your dog has ever modeled for one of the stock photos we sell.

But it's not only a great place to buy stock images (15 million, or so, of them) it's a great place for photographers to hang out and talk shop about being shutterbugs.

So long story short web and graphic designers, bloggers, writers, and other buddies out thereget your stock photos from!

Many thanks everyone! I'd told a relative that I can absolutely reference his shocking charitys, inside a good piece. If ever you are searching for a charity inside the general VIRGINIA area, they actually would be tremendous.

And finally, we ought to note the initial thought regarding this specific write-up has been provided via Jonathan with printing peach. Unequivocably an exceptional print companys. We really treasure a first-rate pitch!

Contributing Sources - Great page. - Extremely attractive site.

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