Welcome to the official site of Pink Side Photography, where you will find the very best in Toronto wedding photography and customer service.

Choosing a photographer can be a daunting task these days as clients comb the web trying to compare web site against web site and everything seems to look the same. You could search for a photographer based on price or by credibility, reading their "About Us Page" to see who is more passionate about their work, while trying to convince you that they are the right fit for you.

At Pink Side Photography we feel that the most important thing you need to know about our team is that we are "damn good photographers with a ton of experience". Our  team works in the Toronto photography industry 5-7 days a week and we've been doing so for over 20 years.  Our clients can be sure that we are creatively, technically, and emotionally prepared for any type of assignment, whether your event requires creative lighting or a discrete and gentle approach to capturing life's moments, the Pink Side team is ready.

We feel that our work speaks for itself and we'd prefer that our clients choose to retain our photographic services and expertise based on the quality of photography we share both on our web site and in our studio.  Over the course of an assignment we get to know our clients quite well and they us, making the journey fun from beginning to end.  So, we'd like to take this opportunity to share how we can help "you",  rather than talk about our "passions" for the next few paragraphs, we'll save that for our journey together.

Quality Nikon Equipment

At Pink Side Photography we believe in only using the best equipment available in the industry today.  For us this means Nikon cameras and legendary Nikkor optics, starting with our go anywhere, shoot anything Nikon D4s.  We use Nikon D4s camera bodies on every assignment regardless of our clients budget.  We pair these bodies with the best optics, from fisheye lenses to massive 300mm f 2.8 pro sport and fashion glass.  As one of our clients you'll be treated to a photographic experience of no less than two professional photographers equipped with a minimum of four cameras and a dozen lenses.

Image Editing and Archiving

Couples spend large sums of money, sometimes their entire savings, on their wedding day.  After they have trusted us to capture their precious moments, we want them to know that their photographs will be given the attention they deserve, again regardless of budget.  We begin with archiving all of your images making three redundant copies and one working library, thus ensuring that your memories are safe at no additional cost to you.  We encourage clients to contact us at anytime in the future should they need prints or albums printed or just to touch base and feel secure about the status of their archived photos.

We continue our service with our creative editing process.  As we shoot only in the "raw" format, its necessary that we edit each individual image separately for colour, contrast, crop, saturation, and numerous other aspects to give our clients the entire visual experience.  High resolution DVD's are provided with all of your edited photographs at a final size suitable for printing wall portraits at your convenience.

Planning Tips and Guidance

Our door is always open.  We encourage our clients to visit our studio whenever they have the time.  It is our pleasure to help you organize your event in any capacity we can, whether it is directly related to photography or not.  We invite our clients to make use of our vast experience with respect to choosing the right venues, setting realistic timetables, and organizing their family and friends to keep the mood light and happy.  A couple's budget is also of primary importance and we understand this thoroughly.  During the course of our studio consultation we will endeavour to help you save money without compromising quality.  We suggest that couples concentrate on the basics to start, knowing and trusting that they will have access to their images and our services whenever their need arises in the future.  We can prepare custom quotes for additional prints and albums that our clients can make use of many months and years after their actual wedding date has come and gone.  Our clients are never pressured into pre-purchasing printed materials in an effort to save on cost.  We will offer and extend our best rates to our customers at any time as we build our rapport with you.

If you like what you have read, and more importantly if you love our photographic work, then we encourage you to contact us at any time so we can provide you with more information about how Pink Side Photography can help you.


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